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Best Way To Build Muscle Fast

Best Way To Build Muscle Fast by Jarrod Ames

Best Way To Build Muscle Fast


Jarrod Ames Founder of

     Have you been looking to build muscle, have bigger muscles, get toned, have that lean fit look and has it been a slow process? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Many people want to accomplish these things and of course in our modern day society they want to do it faster. As a coach I often get the questions “What’s the best way to build muscle fast?”, and “Is there something I can take to help me do it?”. The answers are simple actually.

     First you need a plan to get you to your goals. Let me repeat, you NEED, a workout routine to build muscle otherwise you’ll never accomplish anything period! I’ve seen people that just go to the gym and walk around doing exercises on the machines and wonder why they get little results. I will admit at least they are exercising and trying to do something which is better than not exercising at all. However, this aimless exercising will lead to you becoming less interested and ultimately quiting. So what’s the secret? What is the best way to build muscle fast and how do you do it? Hint: It’s not just overloading your body on supplements either.

     The best way to build muscle fast is that you need to challenge your muscles with challenging weight in order to induce hypertrophy which in turn will help promote growth. Now believe it or not you don’t need to spend hours in the gym to accomplish this! It’s possible to induce hypertrophy within a short period of time if you are working and challenging you muscles correctly. Hypertrophy can be achieved in as little as 30 – 60 minutes! When you work your muscles in particular ways using different combinations or styles of sets with increasingly challenging weights, your body will react much faster to that type of stimulation. It is this type or style of training that’s going to get you results and be the best way to build muscle fast! But, how do I find out how to do these sets and this kind of training? How do I put together a plan with this type of training to build muscle fast? Isn’t this type of training expensive and time consuming?  Those answers are even easier! Here is what I am currently using to build muscle fast, effectively and cheaper than you would think!

     I have done programs like P90X, P90X2 and other plans to help shape my body the way I’ve always wanted. See I was out of shape and considered overweight, see for my complete story. However, now I have been trying to add muscle to my frame and put on some lean muscle weight. Recently I was delighted to see that a program had come out that was specifically designed just help you with this. Best of all, I could do it at home and not go to a gym and sit in someone else’s sweat and stink! This program in 90 days will help you build a foundation, bulk up that foundation and then strip away the fat and have you looking great! I am currently as of the time of writing this 5 1/2 weeks into the program and I have gone from 201 pounds to weighing my self at the start of week 5 at 206 pounds! That’s a pound a week! I have tested my body fat and it has gone down as well by a full percent! That means it is solid muscle gains that I am seeing. Plus other people around me have noticed it as well, love the compliments! In my opinion this is the best way to build muscle fast and it way cheaper than spend all the time and money at the gym!

     Interested in what I’m using? See more here and sign up at the bottom of that page to get more information, special gift offers and have me personally contact you and see how I can help you achieve your fitness and health goals! Visit for more information!

Body Beast update

Body Beast Fitness Program

I am now in the 3rd week of the Bulk phase (2nd Phase) of the Body Beast home fitness program. This program is designed to help gain muscle mass in just 90 days. So far in 6 weeks of the program I have gone from 201.6 pounds when I started to 205.9 pounds as of the start of this week. That is nearly a 5 pound gain in mass size since starting. I really enjoy the program so far and recommend it to anyone looking to put on muscle. See this for more info on Body Beast

Body Beast Phase 1 Build

Body Beast Review Phase 1


Jarrod Ames Founder of

     Recently I started the Body Beast 90 day program on August 6th, 2012. After finishing the first week of Body Beast I was very impressed by it’s difficulty and the way it challenged my muscles. This first week I purposely started off lighter in weights so I could judge how much I could possibly do and get a proper feel for the exercises. I was surprised at the pace of the workouts and how that pace made the workout so challenging. I also initially liked the fact that most of the workouts are under 50 mins. and that fits into my schedule more.

     The first Phase of Body Beast is a “Build” block, where the exercises and workouts are designed to help you build a solid and strong enough of a foundation to move onto the “Bulk” block or Phase. Very simple to follow plan of just 5 workouts then a rest day and then you repeat the 5 days. I found it important to always challenge yourself every week to try and go up in weights, so that you are keeping the difficulty up while helping to build that foundation.

     Within the Build phase of the Body Beast program, it uses straight forward muscle building exercises while using the dynamic set training philosophy implied by creator Sagi Kalev. Each workout is design to exhaust the muscle or muscle group you are working to cause hypertrophy, which is needed to induce maximum muscle growth. The Build phase also incorporates a separate approach to eating. The program guide book outlines how to calculate the necessary amount of calories to consume while in each phase. The guide also has a chart to follow once you have calculated your calorie goal, which makes it very easy to follow and doesn’t restrict you on your options. With the Build phase you will be consuming calories at a higher amount then you typically would. This is to help you fuel the new muscle growth and solidify that foundation before moving on to the Bulk phase.

     There are 5 workouts in the Build phase of Body Beast  and are as follows:

Build: Chest & Tri’s – Focused on the muscles of the chest and triceps, using a combination of Super, Giant and single sets to create strength and definition. Time is approx. 49 mins

Build: Legs – No more chicken legs! Focuses on building powerful quads, hamstrings, calves and glutes. Time approx. 38 mins

Build: Back & Bi’s – This workout is to help you create that “V” shape. This means building bigger lats, traps, rhomboids and biceps. It’s a pull and curl workout. Time approx. 50 mins

Build: Shoulders – Simple, focused and challenging. This workout is to create perfect deltoids. Time appox. 38 mins

Beast: Cardio or Total Body – The reason for one or the other is up to you. If you desire to be a beast and care about only getting big then total body is your workout. If you desire to lose some body fat and be a lean beast then cardio will be your workout. Either way you cant lose!

     Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. I also hope you got some information you were looking for in this post. If you’d like to learn more about the Body Beast program then please email me at or click here to view the program