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Proper Nutrition, 100% Of The Equation

What is the single most important part of your health and fitness? Hint… It is something you do every single day. It is your nutrition! Many “experts” or books will say that it is 50%, 75% of the total equation for a solid fitness foundation. However, these numbers couldn’t be further from the truth. Here is why nutrition is 100% of your life.

The foods you have, in the end, effect everything you do. They effect whether you sleep well, whether you have the energy to exercise, how you feel and perform daily tasks and whether or not you have the energy to make it through an average day. If you do not fuel your body if the necessary macronutrients then your body just won’t function at the highest level. Not just your fitness suffers but your health, your job and just daily living. So what is proper nutrition? There are so many books, articles in magazines and internet sites out there all claiming to have the answers! So how do you sift through all the bad advice?

Here is the reality. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT! So if you see that bikini diet or that want to look like Wolverine diet in that magazine, chances are it is not for you. You will waste your time and money on all these diets and it is also the number one reason why nearly 80% of the people who do them don’t get the results they are looking for. So what do you do and what do you need to see results and be successful?

You need a personalized or custom nutrition plan. Secondly, you don’t need to follow the “I eat healthy” motto. You can still have pizza, burgers and burritos if you want! The idea here is that as long as you are feeding your body relatively healthy foods most of the time and are eating the correct ratio of macronutrients then you will get results! Yep, it is true! Say hello to cheat meals and still see body fat and those extra pounds melt away! So what are these macronutrients and how do they factor in?

Macronutrients are broken down into 3 main categories proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The idea is to track the foods you eat and see the amounts of the macronutrients you are consuming. By doing this, you can fine tune your diet and start getting the results you want! Eating the correct amount of calories in the correct ratio of macronutrients will cause your body to burn fat, build muscle and melt away extra pounds. Want to learn how to do this?

So if you want to fine tune your diet and build lean muscle, pack on pounds of muscle, melt away fat and those extra pounds here is a software program that I specifically use myself.


Or contact me personally at <; to get help with your nutrition.

Body Beast update

Body Beast Fitness Program

I am now in the 3rd week of the Bulk phase (2nd Phase) of the Body Beast home fitness program. This program is designed to help gain muscle mass in just 90 days. So far in 6 weeks of the program I have gone from 201.6 pounds when I started to 205.9 pounds as of the start of this week. That is nearly a 5 pound gain in mass size since starting. I really enjoy the program so far and recommend it to anyone looking to put on muscle. See this for more info on Body Beast

Body Beast Phase 1 Build

Body Beast Review Phase 1


Jarrod Ames Founder of

     Recently I started the Body Beast 90 day program on August 6th, 2012. After finishing the first week of Body Beast I was very impressed by it’s difficulty and the way it challenged my muscles. This first week I purposely started off lighter in weights so I could judge how much I could possibly do and get a proper feel for the exercises. I was surprised at the pace of the workouts and how that pace made the workout so challenging. I also initially liked the fact that most of the workouts are under 50 mins. and that fits into my schedule more.

     The first Phase of Body Beast is a “Build” block, where the exercises and workouts are designed to help you build a solid and strong enough of a foundation to move onto the “Bulk” block or Phase. Very simple to follow plan of just 5 workouts then a rest day and then you repeat the 5 days. I found it important to always challenge yourself every week to try and go up in weights, so that you are keeping the difficulty up while helping to build that foundation.

     Within the Build phase of the Body Beast program, it uses straight forward muscle building exercises while using the dynamic set training philosophy implied by creator Sagi Kalev. Each workout is design to exhaust the muscle or muscle group you are working to cause hypertrophy, which is needed to induce maximum muscle growth. The Build phase also incorporates a separate approach to eating. The program guide book outlines how to calculate the necessary amount of calories to consume while in each phase. The guide also has a chart to follow once you have calculated your calorie goal, which makes it very easy to follow and doesn’t restrict you on your options. With the Build phase you will be consuming calories at a higher amount then you typically would. This is to help you fuel the new muscle growth and solidify that foundation before moving on to the Bulk phase.

     There are 5 workouts in the Build phase of Body Beast  and are as follows:

Build: Chest & Tri’s – Focused on the muscles of the chest and triceps, using a combination of Super, Giant and single sets to create strength and definition. Time is approx. 49 mins

Build: Legs – No more chicken legs! Focuses on building powerful quads, hamstrings, calves and glutes. Time approx. 38 mins

Build: Back & Bi’s – This workout is to help you create that “V” shape. This means building bigger lats, traps, rhomboids and biceps. It’s a pull and curl workout. Time approx. 50 mins

Build: Shoulders – Simple, focused and challenging. This workout is to create perfect deltoids. Time appox. 38 mins

Beast: Cardio or Total Body – The reason for one or the other is up to you. If you desire to be a beast and care about only getting big then total body is your workout. If you desire to lose some body fat and be a lean beast then cardio will be your workout. Either way you cant lose!

     Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. I also hope you got some information you were looking for in this post. If you’d like to learn more about the Body Beast program then please email me at or click here to view the program

First Thoughts About The Body Beast Program

First thoughts on Body Beast


Jarrod Ames Founder of

     Recently I purchased the Body Beast home fitness program from Beachbody. I have previously used P90X, Insanity, Asylum and P90X2 programs and gotten results. However, my struggle has always been adding muscle to my body. That’s why I was so excited to hear about the creation of this program from Beachbody. It’s the first ever home bodybuilding DVD workout series that takes you step by step to build a bigger and better body. From the guide book with an amazingly easy to follow nutrition plan to the easy to follow workout schedule this program is packed with getting you results.

     The DVD’s are arranged in a way that anyone can pick this program up and begin to build their body. The program is designed to help you build a foundation first, then bulk it up and then strip away fat to show the muscles you have built. A very simple concept and design I think. So far I am currently a week and a half in and love this program. I am finding that each routine is challenging and I enjoy how they all are under an hour which fits my schedule better. I personally find this program to be of great value to anyone looking to add muscle to their frame or just trying to get really fit. I definitely would recommend this program to other people if wanting to build muscle and get ripped is their goal.

     I will be adding a 30 day review of the program that will detail the DVD’s themselves and any changes or results I have seen in the first 30 days. Follow this blog for the updates and thanks for reading!