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P90X Tips Series (Chest & Back)

P90X Tip Series


Jarrod Ames Founder of




     Chest & Back DVD – It’s the first DVD in the classic routine and it’s physical demanding, especially if you’re new to the program. So here are a couple of tips I’ve learned through the different rounds I have completed.

  • Tip one is you definitely should use push up bars. They are cheap and become very useful while doing the program as they can have multiple uses. The bars will also add a greater range of motion allowing for your body to recruit more muscle fibers, thereby, creating better results! I for one know first hand how helpful they can be. After playing sports for a while my right wrist cannot take the constant weight all the pushups in Chest & Back demands. Now granted I’ve moved on to P90X2 were they’re not applicable, however, I do the most I can before it becomes a real discomfort.
  • Tip two, Pull ups are hard for everyone! Period! Everyone, unless you’ve already been doing pull ups will and does struggle. When I started I could only do 2 or 3 pull ups per set. Now I am up to doing 80 – 100 per Chest & Back workout. Start with a chair and when you can do 15 or more then move the chair further away or not use it at all. Another great idea is to use the ChinUp-Max assist. It’s a pull up assist that Beachbody offers at honestly a great price. If you want more info on the pull up assist please visit or just ask me for more info. P.S. I use it sometimes if I want to knock out more reps when I am tired.
  • This is true with any exercise program and or DVD you are doing. Be mindful of the weight you are lifting. Too much weight will lead to improper form, which leads to injury. Read my other blog post on Form Is King for more info on that.
  • Chest & Back is a great workout and will really work you out, but that is only if you push yourself to work hard. I took the rule that I always wanted to do one push up more than last week or one more pull up. Make sure that each exercise is clean with great form to maximize muscle growth and stimulus.
Thank you for reading and more tips to come so make sure you follow! Also see the page on Facebook for free health and fitness tips at or get free personal coaching from me at

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