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3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Fitness

3 Easy Ways To Improve Your Fitness


Jarrod Ames Founder of

     Whether you are currently using a fitness program or working out with friends at the gym, here are 3 simple tips to help improve your overall fitness. These tips are to help you improve your overall functionality and avoid injury.

  1. Move In Multiple Planes Of Motion – This is an important rule to follow especially when you are first starting out. Most people never think about doing any exercises other than in a sagittal plane (a forward or backward motion). However, by focusing also on the frontal plane (side to side movements) and the transverse plane (rotational movements), you will be able to open an entirely different set of exercises that will help you develop greater strength and improve your overall fitness. As an added bonus, by working within these different planes you will more than likely be burning more calories and more fat! See your body has and adapts to exercise movements, thereby creating a plateau effect where you no longer see results. By moving and exercising in these different planes it is requiring your body’s nervous and muscular systems to try and coordinate together to complete these moves. Therefore, creating a higher degree of difficulty causing more calorie burn and less likely to adapt to these exercises which will allow you to continue seeing results!
  2. Your Body Can Only Push, Pull and Twist or Rotate – You body can only work in 3 ways, period! No matter what other people have said or what you see on TV, your body can only push something, pull something or rotate your body and core. By adding each of these movements to your exercise program you will help create a more balanced and stronger body in proper alignment. You can also add or combine these movements in order to get more work done in less time! By using compound movements like for the upper and lower body that involves stabilizing your core within the movement, you can achieve a total body workout with just a few exercises. Like mentioned before these compound movements will also help you burn more calories because of there increase in difficulty, thereby furthering your results!
  3. Rest, Recover and Regenerate – The forgotten rule of training. Most people, men in general, see off days of stretching and foam rolling massage to be a waste of time. This is far from the truth and your body will pay for this kind of thinking. By utilizing the “3 R’s” you will see greater gains in your body’s overall function and performance. Using the “3 R’s” you will help your body avoid injury, overuse of joints and be able to enjoy the benefits of your training. Tips here for recovery are use a foam roller to massage out muscle soreness before it kicks in and stretching can actually help improve your strength and better your lifts in the gym! Plus, get 6 -8 hours of sleep a night to allow your body to properly regenerate itself, especially after training session earlier that day.

Please let me know if you have any questions about fitness or help finding a fitness program that’s right for you. Or just visit the GetBeachReadyNow website at Thank You for Reading!


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