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The Hardest Part About Losing Weight and Getting Into Shape

Written by Jarrod Ames

Co Founder of LV G.O.A.T. Fitness Team and Founder of

     So there are millions of people every year who decide that they want  to lose weight and get into better shape. Every year people literally spend billions, yes billions, of dollars on weight loss related items and programs. Did you know that most of this revenue is generated from the U.S.? With the rise of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other health risks associated to being overweight you would think there would be a real sense of urgency to get fit. However, every year billions of those dollars are wasted in gym membership fees, thrown out food, half empty bottles of pills and dust collecting fitness equipment and DVD’s. So what’s the problem? Why do we continually spend money on something never to see results and reap the benefits? It’s actually one very simple concept on why people don’t get into shape. Is it not enough time, money for food, money for gym fees or is it something else?

      Here it is….. Ready for it? It’s commitment!!! Let’s just face it. The brutal truth that is really behind why people never get results. I know that you must now feel like, well this is just my opinion, but ask yourself this one important question. Has there been something that you’ve ever wanted and even started to do but yet never finished? I guess we can all say that everyone has been guilty of this one time or another. However, now think about what stopped you from achieving your goal? What excuses did you make to not do what you needed to do in order to reach your goal? Commitment is why you see the people who succeed and the people that say “oh I’ve tried that and it didn’t work! You shouldn’t waste your money on that!”. Does this sound familiar at all to you? So how do you over come this and finally be able to successfully lose weight and get into shape? Let me give you some tips!

     The very first thing you must do is come up with your personal “Why” I am doing this. It has to be your personal why not because your spouse wants you to or your friend wants you too. Although, these reasons can motivate you to lose weight and get into shape and I am a firm believer in the power of groups getting fit together. It needs to be YOU who decides what is the reason or reasons that YOU need to get in shape. Then once you have those reasons and a reasonable goal for yourself, post that “why” and those goals somewhere you can see it everyday. Then commit yourself, fully and completely to getting yourself in shape. Make the decision now that nothing will stop you from your “why” and from reaching your goals! It’s going to be hard! Guess what??? It’s suppose to be hard! If it were easy then everyone would be lean, fit and in perfect health and there wouldn’t be this growing health concern. You need to come with the terms that you will have to put in the time and effort to reach your fitness goals. I will guarantee that if you stay committed everyday to exercise, eat healthier and just generally improve your life, you will get results and reach your goals!

      P.S.    I myself do something everyday. I still occasionally have an In & Out burger and fries, or order some wings and beer. Lets face it you need to indulge every once in a while. It helps keep you sane and feels like little rewards for all your hard work. However, it’s the daily indulgences that are destroying you from obtaining your goals. So stop with the late night ice cream while watching Conan or Leno, go to bed and get some sleep because your body needs it. Thank you for reading and please feel free to comment and ask questions!


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