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P90X2 the Equipment Needed

Complete Review for P90X2

(The Equipment Needed)


Jarrod Ames

Independent Beachbody coach and founder of

The great thing about P90X2 is there are several variations to each exercise which are shown and explained to you so that whether you’re on the road in a hotel or on a tight budget you can do P90X2. The bare minimum essentials are some resistance bands, a door attachment and some furniture. Although this feature fully exist, to completely take advantage of the P90X2 system you should posses and utilize some or all of the recommended equipment. Here is a list of the equipment needed and some links on where to purchase these items. Images of products are available at the bottom plus a link on where to purchase them.

  1. Resistance Bands – The first thing needed is something that everyone should have already and a door attachment to go along with them. There a great tool to have on the road plus if you don’t have a chin up bar or struggle with pull ups and don’t have dumbbells. Workouts such as V Sculpt require the use of resistance bands for certain exercises.*
  2. Chin Up Bar – If you’ve already done P90X or are currently doing it and looking towards future goals with P90X2 then a Chin Up Bar or Pull Up Bar is a piece of equipment you should already own. P90X2 will have various core movements done while hanging from aChin Up Bar. These movements are some of the hardest to copy with the bands but there are very good variations shown for you. However, since these moves require you to utilize you entire body weight, using the bar will be the most effective.
  3. Dumbbells – While a set of bands are great, most of the exercises in P90X2 are easily performed with dumbbells. The amount of weight will of course vary upon how strong you are, although you will find that both men and women will need some light weights (possibly as low as 3 – 5 pounds). I use and highly recommend getting a pair of Powerblocks they are interchangeable free weights that go from 10 – 50 pounds. They are very easy to use and switch between weights and compared to the Bowflex brand similar system, will last you longer and of a better build quality (That is my personal opinion, however, before purchasing them I did research on both and went to a local sports store to try them both).
  4. Stability Ball – This piece of equipment is considered to be vital. If you’ve read previous posts (The Science Behind P90X2) then you know the importance of working with unstable platforms. You can substitute with your furniture or a hotel’s furniture but it will be more beneficial for you to use a Stability Ball. The two most common sizes used are 55cm, which is perfect for 5’0″ to 5’7″, and 65cm for people 5’8″ to 6’3″. Also keep in mind that you can use a smaller Stability Ball if you want, doing this adds difficulty because the less stable the platform will be. 
  5. Foam Roller – Stretching is great, foam rolling is better! Everyone should invest in a good foam roller, if not just for this program but just for general use. This myofascial release technique is a key component for many people doing this program. Foam rolling helps reduce muscle soreness, pain and joint pain. *Personal side note, I had a constantly inflamed right glute, and lower back muscles from an injury I suffered. Went through physical therapy with little help so I got myself a foam roller after reading a fitness book “The Body Impact Plan”. With everyday use, in a month I was back to normal and back to my workouts with no problems. I personally recommend foam rollers all the time and swear by them.
  6. Chin Up Max – Been using a chair as an assist for doing pull ups? Try this very clever device to help you complete more pull ups and as a bonus it positions your body to use better form on each pull up and chin up. You’ll become better at pull ups faster and your training program becomes that much more effective. Say you can do 15 – 20 pull ups already, now imagine using this as a training tool to get you to 30! *I started P90X2 and after the first phase I went ahead and personally purchased one. My pull up numbers have gone up, my strength in my back has increased and I’ve noticed that I cheat a lot less while doing pull ups now.
  7. Medicine Ball (2 -4) – You can substitute a lot of home equipment for medicine balls, however, using the real thing is going to be the most productive and effective. Many exercises use two medicine balls with options up to four. Med balls are more sturdy than a soccer or basketball ball allowing you to more easily master difficult balance movements, in turn allowing you to progress to more advance positions. Med balls, like weights, are available in different weights and sizes. Most people will find that 8 pounds is a standard starting weight.
  8. Push Up Stands – If you’ve done P90X, then you should be familiar with these already. Having these allow for greater range of motion and ease stress on your wrist while performing exercises.
  9. Yoga Mat – Should definitely have one of these by now. As Tony Horton says “Shouldn’t be doing Yoga without a mat!”, if you don’t have one then go and get one.
  10. Yoga Blocks – Some need them and some don’t have to use them. We are all different, however, if you are not very flexible then this will be a perfect addition to your fitness equipment. Blocks will allow you to get into difficult positions easier and can help ensure that you are doing each pose with proper posture.

To purchase these items please visit and select shop from the home page and then click on the fitness equipment tab on the left.

Thank you for reading!


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