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P90X2 in Review

Complete Overview for P90X2


Jarrod Ames

Independent Beachbody Coach and Founder of

     This will be a complete written overview of the P90X2 home fitness program. I will explain about the program, what you get when you purchase the program, the different available packages that the program comes in, exercise equipment needed, concept of P90X2, how it’s different from P90X and the science behind the program. I will also talk about what results you may see or expect upon completion of the program.

     First, I would like to explain the different available packages for purchase and what you will get with each package.

  1. Base Package Kit – This is the entry level kit. With this kit you will receive a set of 12 workout DVD’s (which will be explained later), a fitness guide to explain the system and the science, an updated nutritional guide (to be explained later) and a calendar to show the order of workouts and to track your workouts.
  2.  Deluxe Package Kit – The Deluxe package includes everything from the Base Kit, along with 2 Bonus P90X2 workout DVD’s (Chest, Shoulder’s & Tri’s and V-Sculpt), a 36 inch Foam Roller, Stability Ball and Two 8 lb. medicine balls.
  3. Ultimate Package Kit – This package includes everything from the Base Kit with the 2 Bonus DVD’s, the Two 8 lb. Medicine Balls, the Tony Horton Push Up Stands and an upgrade to the Rumble Roller foam roller (denser material for less give and nubs that allow for a deeper penetration in sore muscle tissue)

Also each package if order through the Team Beachbody network comes with 2 additional workouts from the Tony Horton One on One series (Upper Body Balance and 4 Legs). To see these available packages visit P90X2 options at

Next, I would like to explain some of the equipment that is used in the P90X2 program. First, if you already own the P90X or Asylum programs, then you will have some of the necessary equipment already. In addition to having weights, bands, mat and pullup bar, you should consider getting a foam roller, weights and bands, medicine balls, stability ball and possibly a plyometric box or very sturdy stool.

Now I will explain how it is different from P90X, the science behind P90X2 and what you can expect to achieve with the program. P90X changed the way most people thought about fitness. P90X brought functional fitness and muscle confusion (two principles that have been around in fitness for years) to the home fitness platform. For the first time people were able to get full functional training in a compact 90 day design without the high cost of a personal trainer or expensive gym equipment. Now P90X2 is taking those principles and applying new fitness science to further enhance your results from P90X and other training.

P90X2 is taking the functional fitness training of P90X and adding focus on agility, balance and mobility. By adding these elements to your training the idea is that you’ll be improving your overall performance in all areas of fitness. You will also build a stronger core from these elements thereby reducing your risk to injury. P90X2 is also just 5 days a week, there are two rest days now, because less is actually more now! There are also no cardio specific routines in P90X2. Trust me that won’t be a problem in this program as each workout is fast paced and very challenging! Next I’ll discuss the science behind it.

Due to the size of information in this review I will be breaking it down into sections of separate blog posts. Please see my next post P90X2 Complete Overview (The Science Behind P90X2).

Thank you for reading!


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