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Proper Form is King When Working Out

We all would like to be Arnold or Jillian Michaels when we work out or look in the mirror. However, that’s just not realistic for most of us now is it? But, that doesn’t mean we can’t have great results and be in shape and look great too! Now I have been a fitness and health coach for a while now and I often see people talk about how many sets of this, reps of this or weights they lifted. I’m here to say that that is great and all and you need to be proud of your accomplishments! However, even the best have admitted to “cheating” a rep or two here and there and that’s where I have a problem. A good lifter, a smart lifter or person who is exercising should never sacrifice form. Using proper form when working out should be KING and overrule all. I know the consequences of not following this rule first hand.

At the end of my second round of P90X, I started to try and lift more weight pushing myself further and further “cheating” to reach 10 reps on some exercises. I would skip the Yoga portion, which was a terrible mistake that I do not ever repeat again, and substituted it for a full rest day thinking that was better. Definitely not the case as your body needs that stretch and increase of flexability. What ended up happening was that in just a few weeks just getting up from the couch my lower back popped! I fell back onto the couch and was not able to move from the couch for several hours until the pain had subsided enough. The doctor said that I had strained my right sacrum area, my right glute muscle, my SI joint, and shifted my pelvis out of alignment. He said it was due to built up stress I had consistently been putting on it with no relief. I explained how I had been trying to use more weight and he said that with the extra weight and more than likely not using proper form is how it built to this point.

The lesson learned here is that use weights that are challenging but never sacrifice your form while doing the exercise. I endured $3500 of doctors bills and 6 months of rehab and therapy to just get back to walking without pain and being normal. So please make sure that you are always using proper form and when you feel that you are starting to lose that form that’s when your muscles are fatigued and you should stop.


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