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Why I choose to get fit and healthy with Beachbody.

I have seen and heard a lot of good stories about people changing their life with products from Beachbody and I now want to share mine. I knew that I wasn’t in good shape, but I never let it bother me. I should have been taking better care of myself and because I didn’t this happened to me. In December of 2008 I was living and working  just as always, eating anything I wanted and feeling like my job was enough activity for me. Well one night at work no less I started to have incredible pain in my back. I could barely stand up and eventually couldn’t stand up. It keep getting worse as the time passed and I was worried because I had experience anything like this. Eventually I got to a hospital and come to find out I was passing a Kidney Stone. I was relieved it wasn’t something life threatening, but at the same time the pain and discomfort was unbelievable. To make it worse the doctor said he wouldn’t break it up and just give me medicine to pass it and that should happen within the next 24 hour period. Well it didn’t happen quite like that. It took 4 days to pass! Not joking, I was curled up almost in a fetal position on my couch literally crawling into the bathroom every 30 – 45 mins. Well after it passed I went back to work and continued with my life of unhealthiness. Apparently I didn’t get the message so 2 week later I had a second Kidney Stone equally as painful but only lasting a day this time because it was smaller. This was my wake up call!

I realized after the two Kidney Stones that I had really let myself go in terms of health. I also realized how many health problems my family have now that they are older because of not taking care of themselves when they were younger. Both sides of my family are Diabetics, only one of my uncles and me are not. As well as being overweight, you can check mark heart disease, high blood pressure, thyroid disease, lung disease, dementia, and just about everything else.  This is just my immediate family not including MS and other disease that some of my cousins have. I knew then that I had to do something about my life style. Now enter P90X from Beachbody and my world was about to change!

I kept seeing the infomercial and ads for P90X and said that’s to extreme for me. However, after two weeks of finding myself watch it on TV and thinking about it I said this is it and it’s time to buy. It was tough giving up foods that I was so used to eating but then again I had a bigger goal that I was shooting for, my health. I followed the workouts and started to make better choices when eating and became more aware of the nutrients that my body needed to become healthy again. After the first 90 days I had lost 28 pounds of junk weight(224 starting weight – 196 end of 90 days). I felt great look thinner than I had in a while and said I still had more to lose! So now after eating better and exercising regularly and another full round of 90 days of P90X I’m at 188 pounds! A total of 36 pounds of fat loss, and taken my bodyfat % from 23.5% down to a little more than 11%. This is not the end either, I am currently going to start a mix of Beachbody programs to build muscle and take that bodyfat% down to around 6%. So look for me on facebook and twitter as I take my body to a level of fitness that I’ve never been before!

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