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Foods You should be eating.

There are foods that we all know we should be eating. However, do we know why these foods are so good for us? Maybe there are alternatives to the foods we are eating now that are even better for us. Here are some foods that you may or may not be eating and the benefits that come with them.

First we have canned fish foods. The first is Canned Tuna, which we all know to be a great cheap food source. However, it’s high in protein and selenium(an antioxidant) make it a winner. Next is Canned Salmon, which is also high in protein but contains omega-3 fatty acids along with calcium and vitamin-D. But, the best are Canned Sardines. You wouldn’t think so but sardines have all the benefits of the other two but it’s the amount of good fatty acids that seperates it from the others plus the addition of B-12.

Next is a look at something that should be in all our diets is fruit. Fruit is essential when it comes to a healthy diet and lifestyle. First are Bananas, they are loaded with potassium which aids in proper brain, nerve and muscle function. However, they are higher on the glycemic index so if your looking to lose some weight you might want to cut down on your banana intake. An apple a day keeps the doctor away could be right. They have fewer calories and lower on the GI than bananas, and they help boost the immune system. Plus, apples have fiber which helps blood cholesterol and sugar levels. The best fruit are blueberries. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants protecting from free radicals that can lead to illness and help reduce muscle damage after an intense workout.

Last to cover is the meat department. Meats are essential in a healthy diet due to the enzymes and protein that are found in meats. First up are eye of round steaks I feel are great because they are the leanest steaks and some of the most affordable. Along with affordability, the protein that is in eye of round steaks is ridiculous. Next is Pork Tenderloin, which is versatile to cook with and definitely cheap to get. Better yet the fat content is similar to chicken so you can eat a little more and not feel guilty. But the superstar or superstars are Chicken and Fish. Chicken is lean and cheap and loaded with protein and can be cooked in indefinite ways. With Fish particularly Salmon, Shrimp and Yellowfin Tuna the benefits speak for themselves. High in protein, fatty acids and vitamins you can’t go wrong with either of these three types of fish.

These are only a few items that should be consider on your next visit to the grocery store. The point is that there are healthy alternatives to everyday eating and some can be easy on your wallet as well. Always remember to check the labels of your food and make smart decisions when grocery shopping.


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