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Does P90X work?

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of people asking if P90X really works and if it’s worth the money. First, I would like to compare a gym to a home based fitness program. If you’re like a lot of people a gym can make you out of place if you are overweight or out of shape. Gym’s today are more like social meeting places instead of a place to get fit. A buddy of mine goes to a gym and wanted me to go with him for a workout. When I went 90% percent of the people there were already in shape and some of the women had make up on. Hey if that’s what you’re going for then great, but if you are serious about getting fit then you should focus more on the exercise and nutrition right? It can be discouraging and then you’ll go to the gym for a few weeks and quit like most americans have done. So one day I saw P90X in a Muscle & Fitness magazine and thought it sounded interesting. Two days later I saw the infomercial on TV. A week later I bought it and have not been disappointed at all! I’ve lost a total of 36 pounds of flab and went from having 23% bodyfat to just under 11%. So the results for me don’t lie. This program is worth every penny spent not just because it works but also for the the variety it offers so you don’t get bored. Plus it puts you on a schedule which makes it easy to follow and making you more likely to stick with it instead of doing your own thing. This program has the ability to change your life. It changed mine and I’m thankful for that.


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