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Weights vs. Bands

I’ve seen this question a lot so I thought I would give my opinion on this debate. For the most part I have always used weights. When I was in high school, then out of high school and through college. Here are the pro’s and con’s…

Weights – Pro’s
1) The actual weight, no second guessing on how much you are lifting.

2) When using free weights you are actually recruiting more muscles during the exercise thereby increasing strength.

3) Free weights have or allow for a greater range of motion making it possible to perform a wide variety of exercises. This allows for you to focus on a particular muscle or muscle group.


1) Free weights can get expensive. To have a full line if free weights will cost money. Even if you buy the adjustable dumbbells. Plus, the adjustable dumbbells WILL break over time.

2) With free weights proper form is harder to maintain, because they allow for such free motion it is easier to cheat reps or have improper form. Improper form can lead to injury over time.

Recently I purchased a X-Factor band door gym. Like I said before I’ve never been into using bands, however, after a back injury I decided to try bands. I figured there would be less impact and stress on my back using bands while still getting a workout in. Here are the pro’s and con’s that I’ve found from using bands.

Bands Pro’s –

1) Because of their design they will help you maintain more proper form during the exercise then free weights. This allows you to make sure you are really focusing on that particular muscle or group.

2) They are much cheaper than free weights. I bought he X-Factor for only $100.00 dollars and it goes up to 210lbs of resistance.

3) One factor I’ve found to be beneficial is that when using weights the weight gets lighter at the top of the exercise. With bands the tension increases throughout the motion. For example, when doing bicep curls and at the top of the motion and the muscle is fully contracted with the band you are curling the band at full tension. This means you are working harder during full contraction which leads to gains.

Cons –

1) Bands do not represent actual weight.

2) Overtime you will have to replace the bands. They will wear and become cracked.

3) They do not have as much free motion as weights. Some exercises need to be modified in order to perform them. I feel this restrictiveness can sometimes be detrimental to your gains.

These are a few of my opinions about weights vs. bands. I used each one for an entire round of P90X(90days) so I could accurately compare. I got a leaner more toned look with the bands while the weights gave me larger gain in muscle size.

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